Aligning Your Business Chakras


As a purpose-driven entrepreneur, there is no separation between you and your business. This is why understanding your chakras and those of your business is absolutely imperative to get your business firing on all cylinders.

Chakras are energy vortexes (like bio-computers) that process information from the world around and within us. They are the interface between subtle energy and physical matter.

Our business body functions the same way. Each chakra corresponds to specific business energies and functions. When out of balance certain aspects of our business feel blocked or uninspiring.

When starting, managing or up-leveling a business, it is very helpful to become aware of, and clear away blockages that might be interfering with the business’ success.

During this session, we will:

  1. Learn the chakra energy-mapping process so you can attract and create the prosperity and freedom you desire.
  2. Identify the weakest and most misaligned chakras and business functions and create a plan to re-align them
  3. Receive a beautiful reference guide so you can assess and correct easily and any time.