Buried Under Your To-Do List? Join Me For a Productivity Challenge!

Over the last few weeks, I’ve talked to several women friends who are juggling many roles and their desire for more time: Women struggling to prioritize everything they need to get done without feeling like they’re going to drop the ball on the important stuff… Women yearning for extra hours in the day to finish everything on their to-do list. Women, whose husbands are requesting more time with them but their schedules are slammed. Women who haven’t had time for themselves, to reflect, re-align and re-orient themselves with their compass for 2018. Can you relate? I know this feeling all too well and although I’ve learned many ways to master my time, I still get overwhelmed from time to time. Which is why I’m excited to announce that I’m offering the #TimeForLove 14-day Productivity Challenge for all of us. You can participate from anywhere in the world! The challenge is free and will take place via email and additional support on the Facebook group (details will be sent to you once you sign up!) Click here to sign up Starting Monday, February 5th, you’ll receive daily productivity tips, resources and actionable takeaways. Over the 14 days of the challenge, not only will you free up an hour for experiences, activities, and relationships that matter, you will also: 1. Have a renewed sense of energy, clarity and focus to move forward. 2. Work less and earn more 3. Wake up each day with crystal clarity about your priorities 4. Respect your time (and others) 5. Enjoy more personal energy and mental resilience 6. And much more… Click here to sign up

Puja Madan
Puja Madan is a Stevie-award winning leadership coach supporting entrepreneurs build their business with intentional productivity and mindfulness.

Puja’s qualifications include an MBA, 14+ years in tech startups and business strategy, meditation and spiritual development from India. She
contributes regularly to publications like the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and ElephantJournal.

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