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Inspiration: Rumi, Magic Mike and the Motherwound

Creative Problem Solving with Zen Concepts

Finding Clarity and Peace Through Primary & Secondary Emotions

One of my clients is going through some big life changes. She’s stepping into and owning her power. But as women this isn’t always easy, especially if these changes are at the workplace. We’re programmed to not upset the apple cart and boy, she is really upsetting the apple cart, leaving a toxic work environment that isn’t serving her well anymore. When we spoke last week she said to me “I’m having deep anxiety about this. There is a lot of guilt and this sense that I’m abandoning those who rely on me” We did a quick meditation and I asked: “If we peel the layers of guilt and […] Read more…

5 Tips for Dealing with Guilt

I want to write about a topic that comes up recurringly in client sessions and conversations with girlfriends. Guilt. At a friend’s birthday party this weekend, I reconnected with an acquaintance I’d met several months ago at a business event. She has since then given birth to a beautiful baby and has quit her job […] Read more…

Reflect & Release: Things to do in the Winter Season

Like I mentioned in a previous post, nature and a woman’s body are not very different. Both work in cycles, seasons and rhythms. Like the seasons, the female body goes through four main phases in each cycle of 28-30 days: Spring = follicular phase Summer = ovulation phase Fall = luteal phase Winter = menstruation […] Read more…

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