1:1 Coaching

The schedule and business plan we’ve created together gives me time to work IN my business and ON my business, which I really needed. I have a renewed sense of energy, clarity and focus to move forward. OF course – best of all – it’s from a heart centered place where my intuition and joy will be the most important factors moving me forward.

As a typical “Type A,” I have always been so action and task oriented that I had forgotten how to be gentle and relaxed in my work. Puja has this kind, yet firm way of directing you back into those nurturing, yet very powerful parts of yourself. Puja is a Magical Goddess of Remembrance – coaching us all to remember the love and power that lives within us. “

Lisa Beaury
Owner, Healing Alternatives Inc.

We’re entering a new era in human consciousness. An era where women are stepping into their full potential and power as leaders.

Deepak Chopra says

“We need the feminine qualities of leadership, which include attention to aesthetics and the environment, nurturing, affection, intuition and the qualities that make people feel safe and cared for. 

But we can’t do this with the old systems of productivity and business building. Systems that weren’t created with women in mind and don’t honor our unique gifts and challenges.

For too many of us, these systems have resulted in exhaustion, burn out, resentment and joylessness.

Coaching programs with Puja help highly motivated women entrepreneurs and leaders re-connect with the regenerative source within them that brings strength, wisdom and power. 

There’s immense relief in being one with life’s magnificent flow of intelligence and synchronicity.

When tuned in, you’re able to access your pure, infinite potential. 

In this flow actions steps and answers are revealed to us, instead of us chasing after them.

Puja offers a radical new approach to profitable productivity that combines practical business building techniques with eastern spiritual wisdom that gives mission-driven women both roots and wings to take their business and life to the next level.

The results? More clients, increased income, free time and a life you adore 🙂 

Coaching with Puja is perfect for you if you:

  • are in a leadership position – either at a company or running your own
  • feel you have too many balls in the air and can’t stay focused
  • find yourself tired and exhausted, losing sight of your priorities
  • want to develop the right mindset to go after your dreams
  • don’t want to lose your intuitive, feminine side as you build your career
  • want to incorporate or deepen your spiritual practice to guide your work

Coaching Packages

Align and Ignite

A 6-month deep-dive for women leaders seeking to step into their zone of genius with clarity, intention and mindfulness.

Currently booked.

VIP Days

Half or full day intensives to dive into specific themes to kickstart or re-invent your business. Topics include

Purposeful Productivity

Create & Envision – your 90-day plan (Currently booked)

A Return to Self

A 7-Week Program in Mindful, Balanced Living for High-Performing Women.

Currently Booked.

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