When women plug into systems of business, leadership and productivity that weren’t designed with them in mind, a few things happen.

They begin to associate their value and worth with what they do, accomplish, achieve, not who they are.

The old school model is not only a recipe for burnout but also severely limits our capacity to tap into our own inner resources.

From this place of misalignment we:

  • doubt and questions our own intuition and decision making

  • don’t fully trust our ability to manifest outcomes we want

  • disconnect from our natural genius and unique brilliance

As a result of this disconnection, we work even harder and longer to find the elusive clarity and confidence. The cycle of burnout repeats.

Something I point out to my retreat clients, as we watch the vast ocean, are the pelicans and sea-gulls as they gracefully fly by. They have mastered the art of being carried by the wind, and don’t spend much energy flapping their wings frantically getting from one destination to another.

Alignment creates this kind of ease.

Our entire focus for the day is alignment, through different meditations, trauma-informed techniques, emotional mastery practices, mindset reframes and business strategies, we cultivate that relationship with the inner goddess again.


"I trusted Puja based on her reputation for impact, and I knew I needed assistance getting to the next level with my business. I could feel an energy block that I was struggling to get to on my own. I immediately felt renewed energy and improved focus and sense of direction. Sometimes we need help unlocking our own potential. Puja has a key. Her breadth of experience and her insight enable her to cut quickly to the core of where development is needed. Her approach is comfortable even as you go to depths that are not necessary easy. She is 100% present with you in the journey."
Cherié Rivett
"After such a challenging year of supporting clients, family, and friends through the pandemic and maintaining my own mental and emotional well-being, I was depleted. I was assessing all areas of my life and career. Through Puja's expertise and wisdom, we released some old, stagnant energy and I was able to reconnect to my creative self again. By the end of the day, I had clarity on my top priorities, a tangible list of actions to take, and estimated timeframes for completion. After the retreat, I could feel the energy shift. I felt both energized and centered simultaneously. Very thankful to begin this new chapter of my life with such a gifted teacher!"
Alicia Culp
The Bloom retreat was a fantastic way to kick off working with Puja. Right away, I felt our work together was reframing my perspective. Everything we explored that day, I was able to immediately put to use when I returned to work. I felt stronger, more confident and saw a vision for where I want to take my business. Thank you Puja!
Dr. Laura Rampil



A private retreat of co-creation, envisioning and meditation time with me as your guide, to rebuild and regenerate important aspects you might have become disconnected with.

Some topics we’ve covered in the past with clients:

  • You want to transform that “thing you do” into an energizing framework that’s easy to market, build your IP around, enroll new clients and position yourself as valued expert in your field.
  • The state of the world breaks your heart. You want to learn how to process your feelings and fuel them into intentional, mindful action that has impact and meaning.
  • Cultivate a deep inner connection with your intuition and feminine power
  • Release self-limiting beliefs, guilt, shame and regain a new perspective and vocabulary to lead with clarity
  • Develop mindfulness resources to deal with overwhelm and create healthy boundaries
  • Master and understand the emotional scale and cyclical energies to return to your power and let your genius and radiance shine through with ease.
  • Utilize my advanced mindset strategies to get out of any funk
  • Gain clarity about the new normal in your leadership or business and re-imagine innovative solutions that work today
  • Develop a new business or productivity plan that feels stable and secure yet flexible to move through these changing, uncertain times

Who This is For:

The women I work and play with are brilliant, purpose-driven and heart-centered leaders. They’re motivated with a unique blend of curiosity, courage and heart, and possess both a sense of adventure and desire to unravel their brilliance, reclaim their gifts and share them generously with the world.

This retreat is ideal for you if:

  • You are exhausted and you know your mental health and wellbeing needs to become a priority.  You have a full plate with work, family, projects, kids’ school etc. and you can’t remember the last time you spent time on YOU. You’re yearning for and craving some time away for calm clarity and recalibration to your center.
  • You have experienced a personal or business setback this past year and you are eager to clear the energy and create space for fresh ideas and thinking around it.  
  • You understand the pandemic has shifted things within and around you. And you want to re-define what normal should be on your terms and create a path forward that feels both aligned and intentional.
  • You want to do this without losing essential aspects of who you are. You want to re-integrate and welcome your feminine nature back into your life and leadership.
  • You find that as soon as you reach a milestone or achieve that goal, there’s still another long list of things to do, leaving you no time to celebrate or rest before you move on. As a result, you want to re-wire your brain to savor small moments of joy and celebration.

What Would Be Possible For You & The World…

…if you could immerse in and re-connect with your powerful inner resources and genius for 24 hours of uninterrupted time?


Choose Your Experience: 


Can’t make it to Florida, this option is a fantastic hybrid:

You book yourself a day away – preferably a change of scene – lodge, resort or peaceful co-working space

We will connect via Zoom and retreat together

You also get:

One 30-minute kickoff session before our retreat

Retreat playbook and gifts will be shipped to you

One 60-min coaching session two weeks after retreat 

Investment: $4,000

align in Person

A private retreat day with me, overlooking the majestic Atlantic at Melbourne Beach, Florida. 

A healthy, yummy, catered lunch together

The option to stay the night at your beachside suite and the following morning to integrate your experience

You also get:

One 30-minute kickoff session before our retreat

Retreat playbook and gifts curated specially for you

One 60-min coaching session two weeks after retreat 

Investment: $5,000

Both virtual and beach retreats are being scheduled on Fridays in May and June. Once you book your spot, we’ll reach out to schedule your date and discuss logistics

In order to master our internal response to external events, in order to tune in to our vision and leadership, we have to tune out of and release everything that’s draining us and find that calm center, that fountain of clarity, joy and creativity that fills us up. That kind of presence becomes impactful in how it influences everyone around.

A Women Deeply Connected To Her Inner Resources Is A Magnificent, Powerful & Healing Force In The World.

Puja is gifted at bringing out the sacred in each of us, of providing a safe space for women to be both vulnerable and strong, and sharing her wisdom to help us reclaim our time and our priorities. I highly recommend her to women who desire knowing how to navigate our busy, modern world while remaining heart-centered, grounded and celebrating our unique gifts as women.
Puja is a Magical Goddess of Remembrance – coaching us all to remember the love and power that lives within us. As a typical “Type A,” I have always been so action and task oriented that I’d forgotten how to be gentle and relaxed in my work. Puja has this kind, yet firm way of directing you back into those nurturing, yet very powerful parts of yourself. My work has been more productive, I’m happier and more aligned with my authentic self.
Thanks to Puja I’ve reached a point where my peace is of outmost importance and I’m not willing to waste energy on anything that is not adding value to my life. Puja empowers women to live in abundance and be successful by tapping into their feminine power and unique womanly qualities. I’ve learned deep self love, making self care a priority and felt empowered and energized by the program.

Meet Your Host

Here’s the bottomline: the world needs more women in positions of power, influence and leadership. Puja’s work is an invitation for change makers, visionaries, entrepreneurs and leaders like you to step into a new style of leadership. She holds an MBA, has over 15 years of experience in tech startups, leadership development, meditation and mindfulness. Born and raised in India, and currently residing in Florida, she’s passionate about bringing wisdom from the East to support purpose-driven women to explore their full potential without burning out.

She’s the best-selling co-author of Unleash Your Inner Magnificence and 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul. Her work has been featured in publications like the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, MindBodyGreen and ElephantJournal. Here’s a sample of some of the world-class brands she’s worked with:


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